This has been a real game changer for me. As a self-proclaimed over-sharer, I’ve realized the difference between venting out stressors and getting to the heart of the matter. Risking harm by sharing our true selves can be scary but it is far more life giving and soul satisfying.

pursuing god


God’s truth and love is much easier to know in my head than to believe in my heart and then live accordingly. I’ve far from arrived in my relationship with God but am showing up in brutal honesty and with reluctant humility to experience His grace and care.



Here in this space I hope you feel a sense of unity. I hope you feel less isolated and more connected, knowing you are not alone in your struggles and questions in the mundane and in the milestones of life.



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Brianna Link

is a middle child through and through trying her best to follow God in the struggles of life, marriage, and motherhood. She resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and three young kids. Her hope is that women leave this space feeling less isolated and more affirmed in their souls and in their faith through authenticity and laughter.