Right on Time

At 1:30 this morning on the floor of Sailor’s room I prayed for help, for rescue. She had a fever and some life circumstances feel beyond my abilities to handle. The increasing sleep deprivation happening before the work week wasn’t helping either.

Then a couple hours later Knox came down with the worst case of croup we’ve had in this house. Labored breathing, writhing in pain. It was scary. LORD, REALLY?! 

Also to note: today we’re starting our Shred10 with Juice Plus - a ten day reset to eliminate some unhealthy habits and intentionally incorporate better nutrition, movement, and sleep. I keep hearing testimony after testimony and reading research after research about the healing and preventative power of plant based nutrition - particularly through Juice Plus - and I just cannot say no any longer.

I approached the day feeling almost like a fraud. I’m a woman on a mission for the people I love to know what I know, but here my kids are sick.

A couple dear friends encouraged me and reminded me that this very misery is the exact reason my family is pursuing this healing. We will not continue to sit and watch our kids labor to breathe in the night, receive double dosages of steroids, and have to debate a trip to the ER because of our dire financial situation. It is not normal for our kids to be on inhalers and medicine, to be quarantined, to agonize over every cold that’s “going around.” It is not normal for Jeremiah and me to feel tired, bloated, and stressed daily. We are not going to settle for this garbage anymore. We’re going to flood our bodies with good nutrition and change our story. Wellnes and freedom aren’t just for everyone else, they’re for us too. The promises God makes in His Word aren’t just for everyone else, they’re for us too.

In the midst of this hectic morning the mailman delivered a card for Knox from my sister letting him know she’s praying for him - even for health and strength specifically. I can barely even believe it. Why the heck would this come TODAY OF ALL DAYS??

I’m confident it’s because God knew I needed the reminder to not be so easily derailed, to not so easily doubt his goodness, his provision - to not give up hope. I needed the reminder that I’m seen and heard and that I can fight and persevere with His strength. I needed the reminder that there is a larger spiritual battle happening here. Satan loves nothing more than to spur God’s people to doubt and question whether or not He’s holding out on us - especially in times of hope.