Measuring Stick

I read something yesterday that was incredibly timely and today it remains incredibly powerful.

I think it’s easy in our culture to hold ourselves to a near impossible standard. We’ve created measuring sticks for our lives and as author Hayley Morgan says in the devotional Always Enough, Never Too Much: “We either measure ourselves by them or we flog ourselves with them. We either master them or we use them as evidence of our shame. It is a moving target. I never know if I have lived up to my potential because what if I can do better?” Whether you’re a type 1 on the Enneagram like me or not, I bet it’s quite stabbing. 

You want to know more about me? Read no further. This is how I live my days from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. And what a shame. Have I forgotten the most meaningful gift in my life?

As she goes on to say: “The idea of potential is a moot point because Jesus has satisfied everything we lack. We are made whole in Him, and He in us. We have enormous peace knowing that when we grow, it’s God growing us. When we measure up, it’s because of Jesus. The target isn’t shifting because Jesus has already met it for us.”

Jesus REPLACES the measuring stick. It’s just him, it’s not an unattainable, criticizing standard. That inner critic nagging at us all day long is NOT the Holy Spirit. 

I’ve got to get this right. I’ve got to pray for God to make that my story. Because when I get it wrong - when I’m constantly measuring - I’m missing out on joy and life and freedom. And you know who else is going to pick up on that? My daughters. My friends. The high school girls I’m going to lead this year. And for the love, if there’s any group of people who need a constant reminder that Jesus is the standard and not one other single thing, it’s absolutely high school girls. 

His grace is sufficient for us, His power made perfect in our weakness. It’s His gift and joy to us to completely eradicate the measuring stick and be able to live in confidence through Christ.