Have you heard Lauren Daigle’s song, Remember? Several weeks ago I heard it and it’s been lingering in the back of my mind ever since.

One day shortly after hearing that song, we were listening to “Daddy’s music” in the car, my kids singing along. Did you know my husband has an EP? He does. It’s called Mirror Conversations and it’s good. I mean MAN he has a gift. Anyway, we were listening to the last song on the album, By Your Side, which is a song written about the aftermath of him sharing his infidelity with me. But my kids don’t know that. And they’re belting that song out - all three of them in their own way. In that sweet moment, the lyrics of Lauren Daigle’s song come to mind.

I remember, I remember You have always been faithful to me. I remember, I remember even when my own eyes could not see You were there, always there

You’ve read about our dark time years ago and some of you actually walked through it with us. And now, along with an intact marriage, I have two more children who are singing along.

I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness, of His redemption.

This past weekend my two year old daughter, Sailor, was hospitalized for three nights with RSV and pneumonia. While of course our main concern was caring for her and getting her healthy, we couldn’t help being overcome by stress and fear of the financial burdens this care would bring. While thankful for access to a hospital stay, each night there meant more logistical and financial strain. Ironically, I had to cancel my Noonday Collection trunk show in favor of being available for my family - you know, the show I was hosting in part as a way to support my family financially. Our financial situation quickly went from dire to absolute nightmare in just a few days.

But I remember those lyrics. I remember Knox singing about an unstable marriage - remember the healing that’s taken place and remember even his life is a mark of God’s goodness.

And I remember a year ago when we were faced with an all too similar situation - Sailor in the hospital, all the kids really sick and needing care. God provided for us then. In His love and generosity towards us He provided for our needs in ways we couldn’t have manipulated on our own.

And so even though circumstances seem uncertain and scary, God is reminding me to remember. Remember His presence and His faithfulness and His story of redemption.