Hi there!

I'm Brianna and just so glad you're here. Through my writing and our connection, I hope you'll find freedom and encouragement as you experience all that life brings you. Let's just say life has rarely ever gone as I had planned and so often I find myself laugh-crying, throwing up my hands and saying, "I could write a book!" Who knows, one day I just might!

I'm an Enneagram 4 and although I haven't done much research on the Enneagram, the free two-page description seemed to fit me to a T (except for the part of about wearing purple and black and having goth tendencies). I'm a recovering victim of Middle Child Syndrome and have a soft spot for the attention-seeking, rebellious, feelers of the world.

I married an oldest child, who teaches math, attends seminary, and raps. My kids are a delight but motherhood is an absolute circus. I have a planned daughter, planned son, and an unexpected daughter and thus will never judge another soul again who was surprised by pregnancy.

I'm great at starting lots of books but rarely finish them, and I believe there's nothing a good Target clearance find or Starbucks PSL can't cure.

I hope you'll enjoy your time with me - I'm so thankful you're here.